Tawa USB Rapid Fire Mod Chip unlimited programmable mods (Xbox 360 Controller)

Brand: MS4R
Product Code: Arbiter3.5Elite
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Compatible CG - CG2 - 

Package Includes :

1 x Tawa chip USB 
1 x Cable kit
1 x Tac Switc

1x Registration Key

USB Programmable:  You can make your own Rapid Fire Mods and load it in your controller by USB 


RT Rapid Fire 8 Shots/s     
RT Rapid Fire 9 Shots/s     
RT Rapid Fire 10 Shots/s     
RT Rapid Fire 11 Shots/s     
RT Rapid Fire 12 Shots/s     
Akimbo Rapid Fire 8 /s     
Auto-Akimbo (RT)     
Auto Breath Hold     
Drop Shot     
Tea Bag 
RT Burst Fire 2 /s     
HS10 Auto Akimbo     
Auto Run
Quick Scope     
Plasma Pistol Rapid Fire

Dual Wield Plasma Pistols     
Carbine Rapid Fire     
Shotgun Melee     
Drop Shot, Reset     
Sniper Double Shot     
3 Round Burst     
5 Round Burst     
Zombies: M14 Aim Assist     
Zombies: LMG Aim Assist
Cooked Grenade
Auto Reload
Jump Drop Shot
Jump Drop Shot, Reset
Jump Shot


Download the USB Loader Programclick here


 Our expert technicians only use brand new, factory sealed controllers. All mods are done in our company; – all modded controllers come standard with a warranty to cover parts and labor


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