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30 mods chip installation instruction Click Here (If you use Sync button you need to solder this point, make sure you solder back and front solder point of the flex board chip) 

Video Install 30 mods chip Click Here

30 mods manual instriction click here

PS4 manual Instructions Click Here

Xbox One Arbiter 4 installation instructions

11 Mods Xbox 360 Controllers

Click Here Rapid Fire 11 Mods xbox 360 Controllers Instructions

Click Here 21 mods Instalation Chip

Master Mods 77 Mods Xbox 360 Modded Controllers

Xbox 360 Arbiter 3.5 Tutorials - User Programming Adjusting Speed

Click Here Master Mods 77 Mods Xbox 360 Modded Controllers Instructions


USB Programmable Xbox 360 Modded Controller

Click Here to acces to customization program 


Download the USB Loader Program: click here


Buy Now USB programmable controllers: click here


Buy Now Customization Registration Code: click here


Buy Now Customization Mods File: click here


PS3 Modded Controlle

77 mods PS3 chip Installation instructions : click here

Click here PS3 Modded Controllers Instructions 

77 mods chip Matrix boards and CG2 instructions : click here

Picture Installations Arbiter CG2 Board Front : Click here

Picture Installations Arbiter CG2 Board Back : Click here

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