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11 Mods Rapid fire controllers Chip Kit , add customs mods (Xbox 360 Controller)
  Compatible              The Mod was designed for the Call Of Duty Series. Rapid Fire will work on games with RT Fire such as:   Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3 Call of Duty Black Ops and World..
Arbiter 3.5 Rapid Fire Mod Chip Elite 77 mods (Xbox 360 Controller)
  Compatible            Master 73 Mods - Our master mod is the ultimate upgrade. It combines all add-ons in one Compatible CG - CG2 - Matrix and Matrix 2 RAPID FIRES (RT) 1. Rapid Fire ..
Tawa USB Rapid Fire Mod Chip unlimited programmable mods (Xbox 360 Controller)
  Compatible            Compatible CG - CG2 -  Package Includes : 1 x Tawa chip USB  1 x Cable kit 1 x Tac Switc 1x Registration Key USB Programmable:  You can make your own Rapid Fire Mods and load it in your ..
  Compatible            The next evolution in Xbox 360 rapid fire technology is here in the form of the IntensaFire 3.0 rapid fire controller mod. The IntensaFire 3.0 for Xbox 360 converts any Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controlle..
XCM LED Thumbstick and Guide Lighting Kit for Xbox 360
  Description : Updated 3 Color LED Guide Button ( Blue / Red / Purple ) 7 color lighting your xbox360 controllers! Compatible with all existing xbox360 controllers. Light the Guide Button: -1 press sync button for 3 seconds to switch on the guide button light -2 press sync button..
Rapid Fire xbox mod controller  Chip 110 mods (Xbox 360 Controller)
  Compatible            Master 110 Mods - Compatible CG/CG2 Boards   Slot1 Combination Number Mode Speed Mode 1 9 Rapid Fire ..
Talismoon Dominator Grip RESISTANCE
Compatible with PS3, PS2, XBOX 360 controllers, the Dominator Grip provides an extra resistant grip to ensure maximum stability.  Your thumbs will never slip during a vital gameplay moment!  Made of high quality resistant silicon.  Compatible with PS3, PS2 and ..
Description : During prolonged time playing a fighting game, the D-pad of the controller would hurt your thumb badly, due to it being made out of hard plastic, using it too much could really hurt your thumb and after playing a lot, it would become loose in the socket, but come on, after the the..