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Universal Controller Adapter for Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / PC (MayFlash)
Product Description Features: - Connects Xbox 360 controller to your PS3 or PC USB. - Connects PS3 controller to your Xbox 360 or PC USB. - Connects PS2 controller to your Xbox 360 or PS3 console or PC USB. - Comes with software driver CD-Rom when used for PC USB, supports T..
VGA HD AV Cable for XBOX 360 , Connect your Xbox in regular VGA Monitor
Product Description ● Supports optical output ● 8 feet cable length ● Double shielded protection ● Gold Ends ● Optimal audio and video signal transfer ● Supports CRT, LCD, HDTV system or monitor   VGA Cable provides best audio and VGA video signal transfer to your ..
XBOX 360/PC VGA Switch , Connect PC and Xbox in your Monitor
Product Description ●The VGA Switch has two RGBHV and two Audio signals. Output one set of signal to a monitor or an audio device. ● When the XBOX 360 game screen and a PC have to share one monitor, the VGA Switch helps you avoid the hassles of removing and plugging in VGA cables ..