Aimon HP HMA-1 Video Game Headphone Mixer/Amplifier for PS3 Xbox 360

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Product Features

  • Connects to console's optical audio output and USB port for online voice audio.
  • For PS3 and XBOX 360 Game Play
  • Works with any headphone of your choice
  • Crystal clear Hi-Fi sound quality
  • Fiber optical cable and 360 AUX cable included.


The AIMON HP HMA-1 Mixer/Amplifier is engineered for serious online gamers. AIMON HP is the best choice when every moment is critical and the communication is the key vital factor that decides winning and losing. If you play fast paced tactical team based games online, the AIMON HP gives you a real edge over your competition. The AIMON HP allows you to use any headphone of your choice, with a HiFi headphone it gets you crystal clear HiFi sound listening experience than other headset options.

There is no battery recharging neccessory with AIMON HP while your long time playing. 


       The Aimon HP Mixer/ Amplifier connect to console's optical

       audio output and USB port for online voice audio. 
       The game and online a 
AIMON HP is equiped with a high 
       grade audio
 AIMON HP supports both PS3 and XBOX360
       console, even you can use it as a USB sound card
       your PC
audio playback.


 Inputs:   S/PDIF Optical digital in; Coaxial in, analog Line in,

                     USB audio in, 3.5mm Microphone in.
Outputs: S/PIDF Optical out, Headphone out, USB Micro-
                     phone out, 2.5mm Microphone out.
AIMON HP package include a USB cable, Optical cable, AUX
        cable(for XBOX360 use only).




Power supply:                 DC 5V, 500mA
          Output power:                2 X 105mW /16Ω; 2 X 70mW /32Ω
          Output impedance:        16-32Ω
          Frequency response:     15-22000Hz/±3dB
          THD:                                0.1% / 1KHz 16Ω
          SNR:                                86dB
          Tone Control:                 ±12dB, 1.5dB/click. at 100Hz(Base); 
                                                  ±12dB. 1.5dB/click. at 7KHz(Treble)

          Gain Range:                    ±8dB,  2dB/step
          USB Mic:                          USB 2.0
          Digital audio format:      44.1KHz, 48KHz PCM  stereo


Aimon HP HMA-1 Video Game Headphone Mixer/Amplifier for  PS3 Xbox 360Aimon HP HMA-1 Video Game Headphone Mixer/Amplifier for  PS3 Xbox 360

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