Aimon XB Elite Wireless Gaming mouse for Xbox 360 and PC

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Technical Details

  • Solid Wireless connection Wireless connection!
  • perfect tracking without lag or acceleration
  • Automatically adapts to different mouse pad surface (mousepad not included)
  • Fine tune for different games through software
  • Ultimate Control over FPS (first person shooter) games!



   Aimon XB EliteV is an upgrade version of the Aimon XB Elite, 

   it support online chat through the wired controller headset port.

   The Aimon XB
 EliteV also get your XBx360 wired controller works

   with the Aimon XB EliteV mouse and wand at the same time.

   It allows you to hook up most of the 3rd party compatible wired

   XBox360 controllers on market.







XB_Elite_web1s   Aimon XB Elite is not just the upgrade of the Aimon XB, it is 

   a re-genrated new system except the same looking. The

   tracking performance and the mouse function have been revised

   and tweaked for the best performance, and comfortable handling

   ,as well as open more many more interface. 

What's new on Aimon XB Elite: 

.  Rubber grip covers the WAND bottom and mouse right side to get steady and comfortable holding.

   .  Brand new RF communication protocal gets very solid wireless connection and interfering protecting.

   .  No Lag, no accelleration movement, smoother micro move, and the best tracking performance on market.

   .  Mouse pad surface testing and adapting, gets the best tracking result on all kind of pad.

   .  Lift-Off function available. It is the high grade FPS gaming feature that the core gamers would prefered.

   .  More detailed settings opened to the users on the setup software. It can tweak your mouse to be unbeatable.





XB_Elite_web2s   Aimon XB Elite is not compatible with Aimon XB. The firmware,

   driver and Setup software areall re-created for getting it much 

   better.  Check out the driver and Setup software page to 
   download thenew driver and software to set your Aimon XB Elite 
to be the winner weapon now.  

   Aimon XB Elite doesn't need you to download and upgrade your firmware for each game. It simply has many game

settings from our factory on the website database with the newest updates. 
   You also can setup your own prefered configuration and save it to your PC for re-use or exchange.

   Go to the Driver page and Software page to download the driver and Setup software to start to tune the Aimon Elite be the 




 Important Notes:

 Aimon XB Elite is not compatible to previous Aimon XB, the Aimon XB driver doesn't recognize the Aimon XB Elite, but the new 
 all-in-one driver 
supports all of our Aimon serious controller product.

 The Setup software is not compatible either, please refer to the Elite Setup software manual for more details about how to 
 use it.


Aimon XB Elite Wireless Gaming mouse for Xbox 360 and PCAimon XB Elite Wireless Gaming mouse for Xbox 360 and PC

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