Universal Controller Adapter for Xbox 360 / PS3 / PS2 / PC (MayFlash)

Brand: Microsoft
Product Code: UniXPUSB
In Stock
Price: $24.99

Product Description

- Connects Xbox 360 controller to your PS3 or PC USB.
- Connects PS3 controller to your Xbox 360 or PC USB.
- Connects PS2 controller to your Xbox 360 or PS3 console or PC USB.
- Comes with software driver CD-Rom when used for PC USB, supports Turbo / Auto Fire function.
- Supports Real Vibration ( Rumble / Force Feedback. )
- The original wired XBox 360 controller is needed when used for Xbox 360 game console.
- Compatible with joystick, racing wheel and dance mat.
- Compatible with Windows 98 , ME , 2000 , XP , Vista and Windows 7 , 32 bit and 64 bit
- Turbo Function

Package Includes :
1 x Controller Adapter.
1 x Manual.
1 x CD-Rom Driver.


 Our expert technicians only use brand new, factory sealed controllers and accesories. All mods are done in our company; – all modded controllers come standard with a warranty to cover parts and labor

What is rapid fire exactly? In a nutshell rapid fire allows you to shoot your weapons at the maximum rate of fire the gun allows. This is accomplished by our exclusive rapid fire chip that is installed inside the controller.

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